Sono Wabi Sabi 



Album Description

Keys To Midnite is a quasi-concept album. As music usually does, it sets a mood (or hopefully moods).


Starting with the black and white, "Film Noir" feeling of Park Avenue Beat (featuring the outstanding Bari-Sax playing of Lauren Sevian) and moving through the monkey mind funk of Gridlock Block (featuring one of Marc Shulman's scorching guitar solos).


Next the drum line intro to Time Is the Only Thing foreshadows the rock-y, funky message to come.


Then it's the dream-like reflection of Sono Wabi Sabi's interpretation of Thelonius Monk's aptly titled Monk's Dream (Grammar tips anyone?). Donald Nicks taking a beautiful solo on that one.

Now it's time to walk the dog. Enjoy Greenwich Village, Isaac Raz's excellent keyboard solo and Mike Shapiro stretching it out a little towards the end.

The rockin' Don't Answer follows with a message and some more dream like, mood setting music at the end.

Since we're all huge fans of classic soul music, we had to have one on this album. Our Booker T. -esque version of the classic Hayes/Porter penned Sam And Dave hit You Don't Know Like I know is next. It's the dance break before the heavy shit.


The singer-song writer/gospel-ish Keys To Midnite was written last and gave this project it's overall meaning and purpose.


Interpret it any way you like. We hope you enjoy listening to Keys To Midnite and get something out of the experience.


New York City based Sono Wabi Sabi is Isaac Raz and Mike Shapiro, helped out by a circle of very busy NYC area musicians and singers.