Sono Wabi Sabi 



Sono Wabi Sabi is:

Isaac Raz - an Emmy winning composer and arranger. A Berklee grad he has worked with Teo Macero and Barry Harris among other jazz and pop luminaries. Isaac is the founder and director of Whole Music LLC which provides music lessons and educational programming online and in person. He enjoys running in place, his salt water aquariums and reading about reading.


Mike Shapiro - began studying drums at the age of 8 with Charlie Perry. After getting his degree from The Juilliard School, he continued studying with Michael Carvin and David Garibaldi. He has recorded and or performed with: Todd Rundgren, Richard Julian, 50 Shades The Musical Parody, Marcellus Hall, Dakota Staton, Terry McCarthy, Forever Dusty The Musical, Genya Raven, Wynton Marsalis, Zubin Mehta and Pierre Boulez among others. Mike uses Vic Firth drumsticks. He enjoys full contact golf, listening to NASCAR on the radio and sculpting with shrubbery.